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Official Website: the Government of Belize.

Other Governmental websites include:

-> Belize-Guatemala Issues:

-> Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

-> Central Statistical Office:

-> - All of Belize's Laws online:

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The Bull Frog - Providing quality service at an affordable price since 1981. The combination of Hotel, Restaurant and Bar serves both local and international travellers.
The Cottage At Blackbird Island - This year try something different, a departure from the ordinary, rent a secluded villa in one of the caribbean's best kept secrets, Belize.
Programme for Belize - Programme for Belize's Hill Bank Field Station and La Milpa Field Station offer a range of unique forest experiences that weave natural history, archaeology, Belizean culture and cutting-edge research into an unparalleled eco-adventure.
Glover's Atoll Resort - Marine reserve and a privately owned 9 acre North East Cay, white sand, coral and coconut trees.
Villa Boscardi - Enjoy the warm hospitality, the comfort of home, while discovering the wonders of this untouched country.

Situated on the beach just south of the village of Hopkins, Parrot Cove Lodge is an adventure resort centrally located between the reef and the rainforest. Parrot Cove Lodge is the perfect location whether you are seeking offshore and inland adventures, or simply looking for rest and relaxation.
Blackbird Caye Resort - As civilization disappears, pristine beaches, coral reefs and warm, clear water appears. There is something at Blackbird Caye Resort for everyone. Sunfish sailboats, windsurfers, kayaks, canoes, and more. You can be as busy as you like, learning to sail or slow down and read a book among the 166 acres that encompass our resort.
Five Sisters Lodge - Five Sisters Falls and Eco-Tourism Lodge is located in the scenic Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve. This is the largest protected area in Belize, boasting an immense Rain Forest and natural Wildlife Sanctuary.


Travel & Tours

The Wet Lizard - So much to do…in a place that has so much to offer! Wet Lizard Tours of Belize understands that our clients are as diverse as the beautiful country they are visiting. To that end, we offer tours and excursions to cater for every interest but also take into consideration any physical restrictions which may influence choices of activities.
Cockscomb Maya Tours - Our tour guides are trained and certified to guide you around Belize. We cater to luxury guest, student groups or personalized request. Our small business is capable of transferring sixty guests at any given time.

Belize Exclusive - For those who seek inland experience, our tranquil rainforest is home to numerous exotic wildlife preserves, with a vast cave system for exploring, tubing, and much more.
Budget Rent-a-Car Belize - Striving for top quality so that customers get the best value in Belizean car rentals from us. Get out of the ordinary and get into Budget because customer satisfaction is the bottom line.
Tropical Expeditions - We provide the highest quality service to visitors to Belize. Our mission is to create travel experiences that benefit the visitor, local communities and the environment.


Tourism Information
BETEX - Offers an exclusive opportunity for travel trade professionals to meet with local suppliers, learn more about Belize, and experience the destination first-hand.


Real Estate

Belize Jewel Realtors Limited- Ready to buy real estate in Belize to start the home you have always envisioned? Investing in Belize property for the future? Whichever the case may be, whatever your reason, Belize Jewel Realtors Limited works to provide you with hallmark quality real estate service in Belize.
Emerald Futures - Offering prime Belize real estate including islands, lots and developed properties. Own a piece of the jewel...Belize.
Belize Real Estate Ltd.
- Belize's premier real estate company. Our site has a comprehensive property catalog with pictures. Click here for more information about our featured property: Moho Caye

Regent Realty LTD - Belize Real Estate is our business. We offer our experience, knowledge and expertise to make your buying or selling transactions a rewarding experience.
Vista Real Estate - Belize City’s number 1 realty and property specialist now offering a wide selection of properties throughout Belize. We represent Belize Real Estate properties for sale, lease or rent in Belize City, Belmopan, Corozal, Sarteneja, Progresso, Consejo and many more...
Century 21 BTAL - We represent the very best properties in Belize. Whether you are seeking to purchase your first home, your retirement home, a new business or simply investing in Belize Real Estate...
Triton Properties Ltd. - Let Triton Properties take you home to paradise! With many years of experience in the real estate business, Triton Properties can provide you with the home of your dreams!
(Offices located in Ambergris Caye)


Offshore/Financial Services

My Belize Banker - Your Personal Banker in the Caribbean. Protect your Investments quickly by opening an offshore account and enjoy ultimate privacy.
International Services Ltd. - Immigration, Business Consulting and Offshore Services Company

Belize Offshore Services Ltd. - Whether your needs range from a simple company formation, family trust or a more complex multi-jurisdictional offshore structure, BOSL can help.


Auto Dealers

JMA Motors Ltd. - Whether you are looking for a Sport Utility Vehicle, a Pick-Up Truck, a Van, Bus, Truck or Motor Car, JMA has an exciting variety of vehicle choices at unbeatable values.

Belize Diesel & Equip. Co. Ltd. - Belize Diesel is a company engaged in the importation of Toyota vehicles, Massey Ferguson Tractors, Lister generators and Mariner outboard engines.


Internet Services
Netkom Internet Solutions - Proud creators of, and other great Websites! Isn't it time your business had a home on the Web?


Organizations / Government

PCB (Pesticides Control Board) - This website is designed to be both informative and useful. Information on all aspects of Pesticides Control in Belize can be found here, as well as Legislation and Application forms that can be downloaded into your computer.
BAHA (Belize Agricultural Health Authority) - A statutory body designed to modernize the Agricultural Health Services in Belize. It was established under the Laws of Belize "Belize Agricultural Health Authority Act, 1999, No.47 of 1999."
Official Government of Belize website - This Website is one of the latest efforts of the present Administration to modernize Government processes and to empower Belize by using Information Technology. -The Laws of Belize are now Online! This website can assist law professionals, students and the general public in their research of the legal system of Belize.

The George Price Centre for Peace and Development was established in honour of the Rt. Hon. George Price. The aim of the Centre is to inspire Belizeans and individuals worldwide, regardless of race, colour, creed or political persuasion, to learn more about and carry on this endeavour.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs - This Ministry aims to formulate, coordinate and implement foreign policy initiatives, addressing the issue areas of Economy, Human and National Security, National Sovereignty and the preservation of Territorial Integrity.
American Chamber of Commerce (AMCHAM) - The organization act as a lobby force in unison with the American Embassy to monitor local legislations which would affect American investments and or business of american company representations.
Belize - Guatemala Relations- News and information concerning relations between Belize and Guatemala.


Belize News - Belize's only daily newscast online with scripts and full color pictures everynight!


Home/Office Building Improvement & Supplies

Belize Aluminum Industries Limited - The Belizean service and quality leader in the design and manufacturing of windows, innovative entrances, storefronts and much more! Browse through our website to see how BAIL can create a unique look for your business!

MADISCO - (Madisco Marketing and Distribution Company Limited) is the distributor of quaility doors, windows, glass and metal products. We invite you to browse our website, to see how MADISCO can outfit your home or business.


Art & Culture
Belize Glessima Research - Culture--Tool for Development - This website carries well researched articles, papers, thesis resulting from primary and secondary research techniques on topical areas of socio-political and socio-cultural concerns about Belize and Belizeans.


Building Contractors & Architects
Young's Engineering Consultancy Limited - Growing steadily, and delivering civil and structural engineering projects of increasing complexity and value to the Belizean society. ROSS International Co. LTD Construction and Engineering - A newly established Construction Company with emphasis in serving clients throughout the country of Belize by providing quality, affordable, reliable professional construction services.


Belize Transportation Agencies Ltd. - Providing a full range of Cargo Transportation Services between Belize, Latin America, the Caribbean, and the rest of the world.


Gifts / Shopping

Summerset Enterprise - Fine Coral Jewelry and Fashion. Our Jewelry has been carved and polished by one of the most skilled craftsman in Belize. You can select from the display which also comes in precious metals such as Gold and Silver.
New River Enterprises Ltd. - A company committed to the creation of a comfortable and beautiful home environment through its artfully and skillfully crafted array of kiln dried, termite free wood products, reasonably priced at all times.

James Brodie & Company Ltd. - Offers you Supermarkets, Hardware & Appliances, Veterinary, Department Stores, Agrochemicals, Pharmacies, Duty Free Service and so much more.


Belize Natural Energy Ltd.


Belize Glessima Research - Culture--Tool for Development - This website carries well researched articles, papers, thesis resulting from primary and secondary research techniques on topical areas of socio-political and socio-cultural concerns about Belize and Belizeans.

Belize Natural Energy Ltd. - A pioneer oil and gas company in Belize. Explore our website for information about BNE’s operations and its function in the continued growth of the oil industry.
Island Adventures Golf Cart Rental - Enjoy touring the beautiful island of San Pedro on a comfortable and dependable Golf Cart from Island Adventures. Golf carts are the Caye's most popular mode of transportation.


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