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Thanks for using Belize Central! we are working to improve your experience everyday. We have enabled the ability for you to rate news as “watchout” if it is newsworthy or “Bleh” if it is irrelevant. You can also now share articles with your friends as well as provide feedback. Please note you may have to enable permissions for these features to work.

Key Features

Belize News

Channel 5, 7 News Belize, Love FM, Belize Breaking News and more.

Youtube Channels

Channel 5 Belize, 7 News Belize, Joyjah, Jennifer Burrowes and more.


Rate any news worthy items as “watchout”.

Push Notifications

Receive notifications on Breaking News.

Radio Stations

Krem Radio, More FM, Vibes Media Radio & Television and more.

Live Streams

Channel 5 News Live and more.


Mark any irrelevant news as “Bleh”.

Additional Features

More features will be added weekly.



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